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Welcome to the Children’s Photography page! Thank you for your interest in supporting our programs by purchasing photography from our creative, wonderful children.

Children’s Photography Project: “The Colors of Phillips”

Kaleidoscope Place invites you to view the Phillips neighborhood “through the eyes of our children.” During the end of March 2010, a small group of seven children were busy learning basic photography skills and began experimenting with using a digital camera. Through mini lessons and hands on instruction they discovered how to operate a camera, how to frame an image, how to capture interesting subject matter, and how to use elements of design, such as, line, shape, texture, color and pattern to create a successful photo. They also learned how to use different points of view to create visual interest, such as, close ups, angle views, side views, bird’s eye views, and worm’s eye views.

During each shoot, the students walked around the neighborhood and looked for objects which they found pleasing or interesting. Textures and fabrics from the Somali Mall, the lines and beauty of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, cityscapes viewed through fences, and varied styles of architecture were captured through the innocent and wise eyes of Kaleidoscope students.

Once they were finished with their portfolios the students were asked to choose their favorites which they cropped using digital imaging software. They then created titles for each print and wrote an artist’s statement in order to convey their artistic intentions.

Now that you have read through the background of the project, we are sure that you are excited to see the photos that our children took. Our Children’s Photography Gallery is where you will find their view of the Phillips neighborhood.

Once you have decided what photos you would like to purchase, you will need to decide how you would like the photo. Below is a quick look at your options. For the complete list of options please click on the “The Colors of Phillips” Photo Order Form

The children cannot thank you enough
for supporting their creativity and helping them have
a safe and enriching time after school and during the summer!

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