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Welcome to the Stump the Staff page where students ask questions to try and stump the staff! If a student stumps the staff, the students will get 1 point. If a staff person knows the answer to the question without looking up the answer (see guidelines below!), then the staff will get 1 point.

Now, there are some actual guidelines to this process so make sure you consider the guidelines when asking questions.

√ Students must ask questions that are related to facts, not opinions.

√ Only 1 staff person will be asked the question.

 √ Staff cannot use books, the internet, people, calculators, or any other sources to find the answers.  The answers must come directly from their set of knowledge (brains!).

√ Once the staff person comes up with their answer it will be researched to see if it is correct. If their answer is correct, the staff will get 1 point. If their answer is incorrect, the students have stumped the staff and will get 1 point.

The staff will answer student questions each week.  The new question for the following week will be posted at the top of the list of questions.  Check back each week to find out who is ahead!  (hint: If the staff is ahead, students should start thinking of harder questions!) And now for the Stump the Staff questions!!!

Students Staff
5 5.5


Question from Paige’s class: When will lions be extinct?

ANSWER: Never. Point awarded to STAFF! After a bit of pondering (thinking!) Matt decided that lions will never be extinct. Once we researched this further we found that many lions are on the endangered species list and live in protected wild life preserves. If they remain protected and stay on the endangered species list, then there is a very good chance they will survive and never be extinct. Yay Lions! Maybe there will be enough of them someday so we can all have one as a pet! Okay, maybe not as a pet. :^o  🙂

Question from Paige’s class: How much does a baby weigh at 6 months?

ANSWER: 12-23 lbs. Point awarded to STAFF! Ryan made an intuitive guess that babies weigh around 20 lbs. when they are 6 months old. After digging in further research shows that there is a difference between male and female weights.  A typical male baby should weigh between 14-23 lbs. A typical girl baby should weigh between 12-20 lbs. Because Ryan’s answer was within both of the typical weights, the point was awarded to the Staff!

Question from Matt’s class: How long do parrots live?

ANSWER: 40-60+ years. Point awarded to STUDENTS! Leyla guessed that parrots only live up to 4 years. Since there are so many species of parrots, we used the Macaw parrot as our parrot of choice since it is very popular! We were very surprised to find out that Macaw parrots can live 40-60+ years. Some Macaws can actually live to be 100 years old! Wow! That’s older than an elephant (see below)!!!

Question from Matt’s class: When will the sun explode?

ANSWER: It will never explode. Point awarded to STUDENTS! The answer given by Paige was 192 years (fyi, Ryan said, 3.1 billion years). They are both actually incorrect. Even though the sun seems enormous to us, it is not large enough to ever explode. In about 6 billion years the sun’s core is going to become unstable and the sun will grow into a red giant…and will gobble up the earth. YIKES! As it grows its outer shells will break off, but it will not explode. Once all of the outer shells are gone all that will be left is a white dwarf star about the size of the earth. Eventually this white dwarf star will burnout. But Don’t Worry! This won’t happen for 10 trillion years! I don’t think you need to set your alarm clock for this one! 😉

Question from Matt’s class: What is 10,000 million kajillion?

ANSWER: It is not a number and the word “kajillion” is not found in the dictionary. Point awarded to STAFF! Luke very quickly responded that 10,000 million kajillion is not a number. The word “kajillion” isn’t a number, so that makes 10,000 million kajillion not a number.  Kajillion is also a made up word and is not found in the dictionary.  It is a slang word that is used to express a large, undefined number.  So when Matt says, “I want a kajillion sambusa!” it means that he wants A LOT of sambusa!!!

Question from Paige’s class: What happens when a star explodes?

ANSWER: A smaller star forms or a black hole forms. It depends on the size. A half point awarded to STAFF! When I first asked this question to the staff, Paige answered that a black hole forms.  This is partially true, so we decided to give the staff a half point.  Ryan pointed out that it can also form a smaller star.  After researching what happens, it turns out they are both right because it depends on the size of the exploding star.  When medium-small stars (yellow/white dwarf), like the size of our sun, explode they form smaller stars called white dwarf stars.  When large stars, called blue giants, explode they form black holes.  It would be so cool to see a star explode, wouldn’t it?

Question from Matt’s class: How long is a giraffe’s neck?

ANSWER: 6-7 feet. Point awarded to STUDENTS! Jennifer responded to this question with 5 feet.  She was soooooo close, BUT she was still not correct.  A giraffe’s neck is around 6-7 feet tall.  Ryan is 6 feet, 2 inches tall, so having a neck like a giraffe is like having Ryan standing on your shoulders. Youch! That would hurt my shoulders!

Question from Matt’s class: How long do elephants live?

ANSWER: 70-80 years. Point awarded to STUDENTS! Leyla was asked this question and stated that she believed elephants live 8 years.  This is incorrect. Actually, when I asked Jim, another staff member, he quickly stated 70-80 years.  This is exactly correct.  Isn’t it cool that elephants live about the same amount of years as humans?!?!?

Question from Matt’s class: Who is the greatest reader at Kaleidoscope?

ANSWER: Ryan Kirk. Point awarded to STAFF! After a very quick discussion about this question, Ryan clearly stated that he has read more books than all of us combined.  This is a true fact.  Because of this fact, Ryan Kirk is the greatest reader at Kaleidoscope.  When you read a book that is above your reading level you are exposing your mind to new challenges including, new words, new grammar, new sentence structures, new topics, and new ideas.  It is just like practicing a sport.  The more you practice, the better you get.  The more you read, the better you become at reading.

Question from Paige’s class: How long does it take an adult to learn karate?

ANSWER: 3-5 years. Point awarded to STAFF! After a brief discussion between Ryan and Matt, it was decided that to become a black belt in karate, it would likely take 3-5 years.  You can, however, learn the very basic karate movements in 3-4 months. It really depends on your age, how agile you are, and how quickly you can learn the specialize moves in karate.  That being said, it takes a lifetime to refine the movements.  Ryan is ranked 4th Kyu out of 6 ranks in Aikido, a Japanese martial art.  In ranks 1-6 he wears a white belt. Once he achieves 6th rank he is consider a Dan and receives a black belt.  Matt is a green belt in Tae Kwon Do.  It took him 1 year to progress to a green belt, which is half way to a black belt.  Here is another bit of information you didn’t know: Matt and Ryan are both ninjas.  The thing is, you can’t see ninjas.  So you may think you see Matt and Ryan, but your mind is playing tricks on you because…they are ninjas!

Question from Paige’s class: How many hairs are there on a human head?

ANSWER: 100,000. Point awarded to STUDENTS! After asking all of the staff and receiving answers such as 25,000, 10,000, 300,000, etc., we did some research to see what the answer was.  It turns out that there is an average of 100,000 hairs on a human head.  This number does vary from person to person because each person is unique.  Interestingly enough though, redheads have 90,000 hairs, blonds have 140,000 hairs, and brunettes fall in between.  So, blonds win!  They have the most hair!  Now isn’t that exciting and something to be proud of! 😛

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