Kaleidoscope Place is Going Green!

Kaleidoscope Place has been awarded a Green Partnership Grant from Hennepin County!  More info to come!!

Spring is Here!

By:  Mary Lundquist, Executive Director

As I write this article robins are catching worms, lawns are turning green, trees are budding and Kaleidoscope staff are planning our summer program.  And what a summer it will be! We will have some changes this year that will mean some great opportunities for the students.  Our gardening program will offer opportunities for learning about bugs, bees and crawlies.  Our students will be engaged in art projects related to culture as well as using found objects.  We have a grant to teach recycling to our students, families and to our community and hope to make a real impact in helping our environment.  Read More

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A pathway to prosperity, the Center for Changing Lives offers a web of interconnected services for easy access – breaking down barriers between providers and resources.

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All of our programs cost very little to participants. Kaleidoscope relies on contributions from individuals and organizations to run our programs. So, does your contribution make a difference? You bet it does!

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Resources for You!

We have some helpful resources that we would like to share with you. Please look through them as we know they will be beneficial to you!

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