Summer is Ending and School will be Starting

by Mary Lundquist, executive director

Our successful summer program ended with a great reception for families and friends featuring the work of our very talented students.  We were presented with art projects made with recycled items, autobiographies and a dance performance.  It was a time for reflection and recognition as we gathered input from parents and students on what worked and what could be improved.  Students were anxious to let us know that they wanted more input into programming.  Parents expressed being happy with the academic focus but also wanted more communication with teachers as to what was being studied.   These ideas will be incorporated into our after school program and into the summer program next year.  We are appreciative of the many volunteers who offered so much to the program.  We are very blessed to have so many talented people that are willing to give of themselves to make this program a success.  Also I am very pleased with the creativity of the teachers.  They never ceased to amaze me with the ideas they brought to the program.  We are blessed to have such a talented group of teachers!   Most of all I would like to acknowledge the parents belief in the program.  Our parents have entrusted us with their children and we take that trust seriously and with thankfulness.

Looking ahead to fall we would like to work on behavioral issues and move away from a behavioral modification methodology and work towards what I call a change of heart philosophy that is based on feelings and how we affect others with our actions as well as each child becoming more aware of their own feelings and the best ways to express those feelings.  Within this framework we will try to make the environment more conducive to positive behavioral changes as well. We will continue our strong academic focus, and our environmental focus. We are in the process of trying to start a robotics group, find volunteers for art, music and theater related programs and work with America Reads, Free Arts and the Nursing students. It should be an exciting fall!



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Kaleidoscope Place has been awarded a Green Partnership Grant from Hennepin County!  More info to come!!

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